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List of words to know in a foreign language!

Just 900 words to speak properly any language!

Do you want to speak a foreign language properly and rapidly?
Yes! So, just learn the 900 words of the list! It’s a mix of the most used vocabulary from a daily basis, plus the most useful words when you are traveling abroad.

How to get the lists

Certain languages need proofreading (check the status below). If you can correct a few mistakes, please send an email indicating the languages you know. Similarly, write us if you just want the list for your personal learning:


Your suggestions: a list of specific terms for a country, a summary of the rules of syntax or grammar, etc. Let us know about your interests!

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Current Status of lists

List A: 900 basic words

English: reference for translation into other languages.
French: list completed but errors may exist.
Arabic: First proofreading done. Questionable translations are highlighted in orange.
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese: first proofreading done. Many errors remain.
German, Hebrew and Turkish: just a machine translation. Proofreading required!

List B: 1300 words to understand everything!

You will find 1300 more words that will allow you to go further, saying and understanding almost everything.

It is the synthesis of two types of lists:
1 / My own lists created during 25 years in 8 other languages ​​I learned.
2 / Lists created by the international experts and organizations whose goal is to create a simplified English to be clear and accurate in a maximum of areas (Ogend: Basic English, Voice of America and ASD (Simplified Technical English from AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe: 21 countries, 800 companies).

Current status of the list: Classification of terms by category in process.

List C: Arabic Dialects

It is the same as List A with French, English, Classical Arabic and their equivalent in dialects.

Current list status: to be completed by different people fluent in a dialect.

Other lists and Web sites

If you have any suggestions for other lists or addresses of complementary websites, thank you to mention them in your email.



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